Hej från sverige! (Sweden)

It’s a good week to be me #NotSoSubtleBrag.

I’ve checked another continent off the bucket list: Europe! Total: 4 out of 7. Remaining: Africa, Asia and Antarctica.

I’m sitting in the sunroom of quaint red house with a Swedish flag out front. I’m on an island, off the west coast of Sweden, in the countryside. Are you confused? Good, me too. We’re in Tjörn, about an hour north of Gothenburg.


I’m nine hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time in the U.S., so quite literally on the opposite schedule of everyone back home. Between the time difference and the limited wifi available, I only have a couple hour window of communication with everyone back home. Yes I’m alive, yes Sweden is amazing and yes I am probably coming back. Probably.


I have had so much coffee the last few days here in Sweden. I don’t drink coffee back home in the U.S. anymore, so I’m surprised my heart hasn’t exploded or entirely stopped. But, with the 8 hour time change and acclimating to a new schedule I re-discovered my habit.


We took the ferry to Marstrandsön to wander through Fortress Carlsten. It was really, really unsettling to go into actual cells where prisoners were held, but of course I had to touch everything and run into every room on my own when no one was looking. It’s a miracle I actually didn’t get lost or left behind. I also probably have some new bad juju. Oops.


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