I’m Chelsea and I’m crazy obsessed with traveling the world and seeing everything. And cats. I love cats.

I have a cut-out of my cat, Jonah, that routinely travels with me. Yep, it's just as crazy and weird as it seems.

I have a cut-out of my cat, Jonah, that routinely travels with me – it is JUST as weird and hilarious as it seems. This is where the saga of cardboard Jonah started, Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

I started this blog as a place to digitally keep my all of my crazy thoughts and travels. The name Lost & Finding is based on my extreme wanderlust and always wanting to get lost in another new place, and that I’m still finding and discovering the world (I can’t actually take credit for coming up with the name. Shoutout to my homie Bill for the clever name – u da best!)

I hope to provide a closer look into my adventures and inspire someone else to get out and see the world or try something scary, new or different.

I have one goal, to visit all seven continents. As of this post, where I am currently in Sweden, I’ve visited four. I started traveling about two years ago and have been hooked ever since. One of my favorite travel tracking sites, TravellersPoint, tells me I’ve flown over 86,000 miles in the past couple years. I guess you could say I’ve been busy!


Map created using TravellersPoint

I haven’t yet seen the world, but I certainly plan on it! I like to always tell people “I have nowhere to go but everywhere”!

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