Sleepy in Seattle

Seattle is one of my favorite U.S. cities ever.

My favorite sushi restaurant is there, you can go from sea level to 14,000ft up a mountain in the same day and best part: one of my best friends in the whole universe lives there!


Enter: Blake Perseus R-Dizzle! He’s about to become a big fancy pilot. He’s lived like everywhere in the world and jumps off cliffs for fun and is into some really weird shit. We have the best kind of friendship. Mostly because of our mutual love for weird shit.

Exactly nine days before I packed my truck and drove 918 miles to Colorado, Blake moved to Seattle to finish up his flight instructor hours so he can officially become a pilot. Even though I still kind of hate him for leaving, I have a reason to go out to Seattle and a place to stay.


Not surprisingly, some of the weirdest moments of my life happen with Blake. One of the first times I ever hung out with him, we went to some, uh, specialty shops in Denver to look for some items for his very specific interests. I know that’s annoyingly vague, but he will know what I’m talking about and my mom reads this and she doesn’t need details.

There’s the one time we got super drunk at a bowling alley in the middle of a Colorado blizzard, jumped a fence at a neighboring apartment complex and hopped in the hot tub to warm up (#DrunkLogic). Then I couldn’t get my jeans back on because jeans + wet skin = so much nope, so I ran down the middle of the street with no pants on, in a couple feet of snow, in a blizzard (speaking of things my mother doesn’t need to know, ha!).

There’s the time I went to a wedding with his family in his homeland of Long Island, NY and we drank endless amounts of Jameson chased with Bud Light (I just vomited in my mouth), chugged a bottle of champagne before the wedding/church and I almost was eaten by a wolf spider next to the pool, nursing a hangover from the above bad decisions. While eating a bacon, egg, cheese, salt, pepper, ketchup sandwich. What?


One day while sitting at my desk, I decided I wanted my favorite Seattle sushi, I missed the shit outta Blake and I had some Delta miles sitting around. So, I pitched the greatest idea ever: Seattle. Food. Tour. I got my big hungry ass on a plane and spent the next 38.5-hours eating, laughing, being touristy and eating. And eating.

We went to Pike Place, naturally, and spent the day wandering around downtown. We ate donuts, ovaltine lattes, sushi, tacos, fish and chips, burgers, and molten lava cakes with boozy milkshakes. Oh god, the lava cake. The peanut butter, caramel & whiskey milkshake. Be still my sugar packed heart.

We also went to the Space Needle and rode the gigantic tourist trap Seattle Great Wheel (hi, I was terrified) and took a nap. The nap might have been the best part of the whole weekend. And the eating. And watching a super interesting Sriracha documentary. And the napping.


See you soon, B. Perseus!

Where we ate:

Top Pot Doughnuts

Los Agaves Tacos

Jack’s Fish Spot

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

Umi Sake House

The Gourmet Burger Shop

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