To pack it or not to pack it?

I am a serial overpacker.

Who doesn’t need four swim suits and thirteen tank tops to choose from on a one week trip?! Oh… right, no one. I’m (ridiculously) that person who thinks “what if I don’t like the clothes I brought when I get there?” ha, well… then maybe you shouldn’t own those clothes in the first place and should donate them. Who keeps clothes they don’t like? Idiots.

I’m trying to get better about it. But seriously… it’s just a compulsive overthinking problem I have (throughout my entire life, really). I’m also always frantic about not packing enough socks. SOCKS! If I don’t have enough socks, my life is in shambles.


Luckily this trip I’m packing for does not need to be glamorous or fashionable. I’m heading to an island in the North Atlantic for a week of hiking and exploring with my brother (more on that later!). I’ve convinced myself to bring JUST enough clothes and clothes I CAN re-wear and take from land to sea. Translation: 3 pair workout tights, 1 pair hiking pants, 1 pair hiking shorts, 1 lightweight rain jacket, 3 sweaters, 1 long sleeve layer, 3 dri-fit t-shirts, 5 tank tops, 2 swim suits, 7 metric tons of socks, 3 pairs of shoes. Yes, everything I own is always covered in a nice layer of cat hair.



I know what you’re thinking – “CBrown, you’re talking about not taking a lot of shit and you’re bringing three pairs of shoes, you fucking clown”. Accurate assessment, young Padawan. However I need a pair to run in, because running on the beach is the only time I enjoy running and I’m decently fast when I’m at sea level and not suffocating at my normal Mile High elevation. One pair of hiking boots for the volcanos/rougher terrain, one pair of quick dry hiking shoes for when we rappel and go into the caves. See? Logical. Kind of. Whatever.


Best thing I ever learned about packing? ROLL ALL THE THINGS. Seriously. Trust me. This is magical.


My backpack is stuffed with all of my digitals and goodies. Mac, GoPro, Nikon w/ tripod, iPhone and books. Seriously, I guard this thing with my life when traveling because if I lose this thing… my entire social connection is gone. Plus, $$$$. Should I tell the internet where I carry all my valuables? Probably not. I trust you guys though. Also, snacks. Because I’m always hungry and I’m not nice when I’m hungry. Why do kid’s Clif bars come in the good flavors like chocolate brownie and iced oatmeal cookie? Do adults not like these things? I always buy the kid’s ones, mostly because I’m an overgrown kid.

Only thing that didn’t make it in my suitcase? This creature.


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