Falling Down Mountains & Stuff

Ski season is coming to an end here in glorious Colorado.


It’s my first year ever being on the mountain. The first few times I went out, I swore I would stick with it for one season but then I was never, ever strapping my dumbass into a snowboard again. I found bruises in shapes and colors I’ve never seen before in places of my body I didn’t even know could be bruised. I thought I broke my tailbone at least 7 times. The most frustrating thing ever is trying to learn how to snowboard from four different people who are double black skiers and you can barely make it off the lift.

Buuuuuuut today I just reserved my season pass for the 16/17 season. Somehow, I got my shit together and figured out how to ride and not fall on my face. Now, let’s not get carried away and say I’m great. My toesides still suck, but I can make it down the mountain at a decent speed and navigate an open set of trees. I’m calling it a victory.

I was super lucky to ride quite a bit outside of my Liberty Pass and not pay a ton (except Aspen, but that’s because it’s Aspen, duh).

Word of advice: make friends with people who work at the resorts. Make really good friends with them. Buy them beers, watch their pets, make them dinner, I don’t care. Do it.

We skied Winter Park for $25/per person/day because we have a friend from back home in Minnesota who lives in Tabernash, CO and works at Winter Park Resort in the winter.



The very first time I strapped on a snowboard was at Loveland, and I rode there probably three more times this season. For free! Because one of my BFFs works at a dispensary and they have season passes to check out whenever. If you know someone who can get you a discount, it’s about $50/day I think.



I usually ride Keystone. Hi, I’m lazy and love gondolas. Sorry, not sorry. Yes, a bit of the experience is lost being stuck inside on the way up. But 11 minutes inside warming up beats 11 minutes outside getting cold. On the days that it actually is cold, of course. I have the Liberty Pass so it was $299/per person for the whole season. There are some blackout dates, but they are over major holidays and since I’m from out of town, I was home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and didn’t use my pass anyways so I wasn’t too bummed about that. You can get a pass without restrictions, but it (obviously) costs a bit more. If you don’t mind missing a couple holiday weekends, which are a crap shoot of whether it is dead or a f*cking zoo, the Liberty Pass is your jam. Plus, it’s $175/day to ride Keystone so your pass is paid for in 2 visits. I think I made it out to Key six times this season.





Then there was Aspen/Snowmass. I freaking loved it there and that’s where snowboarding finally started to click for me. We got a ski in/out resort which was awesome, plus the upgrade with the balcony and view of the mountains wasn’t bad either. We’re used to just making a day trip out of riding since we live in Denver and all major resorts (Breck, Vail, Keystone, Aspen) are no more than 3 hours away. However, it took us 5.5 hours to get to Aspen this trip… but that’s because an accident closed the canyon LITERALLY FIFTEEN MINUTES before we left the house. It was not a good drive.



We were in Aspen the weekend before the XGames, so seeing all the hype and prep for the events and athletes was super cool. Plus, there were a lot of athletes and companies doing pre-interviews and prep that week, so we saw a lot of what I assume they were important people, because there were camera crews following them around and stuff. Idk, I don’t pay attention to anything except the beer and food in front of me usually.



Things I learned?

  1. Too many beers means you suck more at snowboarding.
  2. Too few beer means falling hurts more.
  3. Always pack tree beers.
  4. Snowboarding is a drinking sport.
  5. I like drinking sports.

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