St. Louis Shenanigans

Isn’t the point of a blog supposed to be that you update it regularly? I’m terrible about that. Oops!


I’ve been grounded for two weeks and it feels like it’s been eons! #SpoiledTravelerProblems

I was in St. Louis a couple weekends ago, and I wasn’t sure what to expect going there. A co-worker made it seem like everywhere I went I would be violently murdered – “don’t go anywhere by  yourself EVER. Not even to get a coffee during the day. Don’t drive a car around there’s car jackings all the time.” etc. Whaaa?



It wasn’t so bad. I’m not sure I would recommend it as somewhere to go, but we also didn’t do much and didn’t really have a desire to do much because it just didn’t feel like our scene. We stayed down by The Landing, after hearing that it was supposed to be a good (kind of fratty) bar scene – but it was dead down there all weekend! Bleh.

What I did enjoy: trying not to die at Six Flags and eating BBQ at Sugarfire Smokehouse. We were incredibly underwhelmed by the Arch, though. Sure the novelty of it all was what I expected, and riding up in the micro capsule was about the most exciting part because of the see-thru door and the mechanics outside.. but the top was way too crowded and the windows were barely big enough to see out of. We managed to giggle our way through the capitol building too.





And it was SO freaking hot, oh my god. It was 101 degrees every day and 60% humidity. You know what I don’t miss about the midwest? HUMIDITY. You know what Colorado doesn’t have? Humidity! It’s GREAT.





One of the highlights was dinner Saturday night, we went to a restaurant called Blood + Sand (menu). So, so, so good. Apparently it’s a private dining club? The decor/interior was awesome, the food was phenomenal and the vibe was perfectly us. We had rhubarb semifreddo and salted chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Truffeled tator tots and lots of cocktails were also involved. My favorite part about a good restaurant is when you can tell the servers are passionate about dining – please, PLEASE describe the menu to me in uber foodie details and recommend cocktails for me based off my meal choice and depth-of-flavor whiskey preference. Swoon.

Blood and Sand

Blood and Sand 1

After the first night of disappointing night scene, we grabbed an Uber over to Bridges Tap House and Wine Bar for a nightcap (or two).  All in all, decent trip.

Will I go back? No, probably not.

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