My Favorite Things in 2016 (An Otherwise Terrible Year)

I surfed, snorkeled, skydived, zip-lined, went spelunking and scuba dived.





I climbed eight mountains over 14,000ft.


I flew another 50,000 miles this year (that equals flying around Earth twice).

I checked two more countries off my list – Bahamas and Azores Islands (Portugal).



I went to Hawaii to be in the wedding of one of my oldest friends from high school.



I traveled all over the country for work and ate cake for dinner more times than I can count (and got lost on a lot of runs in new cities).

I went snowboarding in Aspen, Vail, Loveland, Keystone, A-basin.



I competed in my first crossfit competition, went to the crossfit games in LA and overall became a better athlete.

I got a ridiculous speeding ticket because I was late to Murph on Memorial Day.



Besides all of the cool stuff I got to do this past year, 2016 seriously sucked. Amiright?

And I’m not one of those “my life sucks because I make my life suck and I like being miserable” kind of people… I love my life. I have amazing friends, a good job, a supportive significant other. But there was just something about this year that just dragged on and felt like I kept getting kicked when I was down. But, it’s finally over and we can pretend like this year didn’t exist and we can move on, woo!

This year, I want to focus on becoming a better athlete – a better friend – and a better photographer. I want to keep giving back to the people who are always there for me when I need them. I want to continue to push myself athletically and achieve all of my fitness goals for 2017 (I made all but 1 this last year!).

2017 can only be better, right?


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